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  • Project “PATRIOT-Net: Prevention and Recovery Networks for Indonesia Natural Disasters based on the Internet of Things (IoT)” has passed the second stage of LPDP RISPRO 2016 and is now waiting for the visitation as the final stage.
  • (Kode: Polar-Raptor-IoT), international collaboration research 


Durasi proyek: 1 September 2016 – 1 September 2019

Nilai Proyek: 120-150 jt/tahun


Description of “PolaRaptor-IoT” project:
to create reliable 5G technologies, based on the recent advances in coding theory, for super-dense networks of the internet-of-things (IoT) serving massive number of users expected by 2020, where the super-dense networks resemble the structure of Raptor and Polar Coding schemes.

Project Outcomes: New algorithms, theorems, analyses, reliability and throughput enhancement, and processing speed of IoT super-dense networks.

Applications: machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, intelligent transportation systems, automated driving, and reliable normal-to-disaster areas communications.

  • Research Grant of Penelitian Hibah International, Telkom University, Sept. 1, 2016– Aug. 2019 on ”Polar-Raptor-Codes-Structured Super-Dense Wireless Networks for the Internet-of- Things (PolaRaptor-IoT)” with total budget of about 520,000,000 rupiah. However, the project is granted year by year.