RHENIUM Project Dissemination Workshop and Future Research Collaborations 2018

Advanced ICT for Mitigation of Natural Disaster Risks and Impacts.

This RHENIUM project initiates a new collaborative research with Indonesian research communities to assist in developing the country’s first comprehensive monitoring and recovery systems based on IoT technologies. Project partners with expertise include Cranfield [Physical and Network Layers], Telkom University (Tel-U) [Coding and Medium Access Control], PT. FUSI [Sensor Data Formats] and Government’s BNPB [Users Requirements]

Building upon these existing expertise, the project aims to investigate, develop and evaluate the proof-of concept of the communication protocols to support reliable communication among massive interconnected machines with diverse monitoring capabilities (e.g., from low-rate climate sensors to high-resolution IP cameras). Specific focus is directed to address: i) interference handling of multiple radio transmitters; ii) harsh communication environments due to damages induced by disasters.

This workshop will be held for two days. For 1st day, there will be several presentations related to research at School of Electrical Engineering, Telkom University. This session can be a big chance for future research collaboration among researchers. For 2nd day, will be conducted as  RHENIUM Project Dissemination that will be involved academic institutions, government and business company. Detail of agenda and posters can be downloaded at this link:

  1. Poster : Poster Rhenium 2018
  2. Detail workshop agenda : Rundown Rhenium 2018 v01





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